Xenophobia Social Media Analytics Report 3

This social media analytics report focused on xenophobic conversations in South Africa covering the period 01 May 2023 – 01 June 2023. The report takes a more detailed look at the online behaviour of key authors (individuals and organisations) that drive the conversation. The report found that proponents with a largely negative sentiment towards foreign nationals tend to be more active on social media, posting more frequently than their positive counterparts and garnering more interaction from the public with their posts. It also found that Operation Dudula and Gayton McKenzie represent some of the largest voices within the South African xenophobia conversation, resulting in their respective sentiments being overly amplified. Interestingly, similarities in terms of beliefs were identified between the prominent voices of the current conversation with those of an orchestrated network responsible for the origination of the Put South Africans First movement in 2020.

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