We have the courage of our convictions to stand up against wrongdoing. We are brave, but humble, in our quest for a better world. We will challenge what’s wrong and support what’s right.

We know change is possible through our work.

Everything we do is guided by honesty and a moral compass to always do good. We are not driven by profit or power. We are faithful to our values and always act in the public interest. We work with donors, clients, partners and suppliers who align with our values.


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Our award winning GBV Reflections TVC is showing nationally on the Transit TV Network and on DSTV on the Trace Network Channels. Highlighting the cycle of Gender Based Violence and how it impacts our communities.
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We helped identify a manipulated and coordinated Xenophobia Network on South African Twitter. We successfully implemented an influencer campaign that created 97.6K mentions on Twitter, with the objective of countering and shifting the narrative.
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The experiment was set out to see if the protagonist will organically heed our call and use the resources we had created to change the narrative within the GBV Conversation

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