Public health

Early in the onset of the global Covid-19 pandemic the Centre for Analytics and Behavioural Change foresaw that mis- and disinformation around the pandemic could and would be mobilised for political and economic gain by unscrupulous actors. Recognising that the need for evidence-based online intervention would be necessary to mitigate against such efforts, the Centre identified, tracked, exposed and countered disinformation efforts that sought to leverage the Covid-19 pandemic and to benefit from it, by sowing social and political divisions in South Africa. 

 The Centre also initiated and worked across six Sub-Saharan African countries to counter vaccine hesitancy by mobilising insights from a comprehensive research communications strategy which resulted in a comprehensive campaign that was amplified through the broader media and societal ecosystem to mitigate against vaccine hesitancy. 

 The CABC is proposing a follow-up campaign that mitigates against mental health disorders emerging from the conditions that the pandemic subjected citizens to, as well as to mitigate against the damaging effects of social media usage on children and teenagers.