About us

The CABC is a section 18A non-profit company. We work across a variety of thematic areas including; social
and political division, social prejudice, public health and safety, and sustainability. We amplify civil society
messaging in the digital age to empower citizens and communities.

Why we exist

We are primarily impact-focused and are committed to creating meaningful positive change in society through our work on social media.
We are not merely bystanders: where other social media civil society organisations typically focus only on monitoring and reporting on worrying developments on social media, the CABC actively counters them.
 Our countermeasures are strategic, creative, targeted, and substantially amplified. Our single-minded mission of behavioural change leverages the benefits of a strong interdisciplinary organisation that has the ability and agility to design bespoke intervention strategies for each challenge and its unique context.
Our work spans social media narrative analytics, advanced network analytics, communication strategy, creative content generation, online dialoguing and academic research and media partnerships to achieve high impact-based, expert-driven and evidence-based information.

Our four focus areas


Social & political division

Working for democracy


Social prejudice

Misogyny and gender-based violence
LGBQTI+ phobia



Energy futures / just transition
Sustainable development
Conservation education


Public health and safety

Covid-19: Vaccine confidence

Early warning:
Public unrest and violence

Our purpose

To harness factual and evidence-based social media information that form the foundation of our work

To encourage and grow active citizenry

To combat online misinformation used to distort narratives, undermine democracies, and threaten elections

To help facilitate positive social and environmental change

To generate healthy and respectful debate and dialogue and to stimulate much-needed conversations around serious issues affecting our society

To attempt to effect narrative and behavioural change around issues of key social concern

To enlighten people, so they can make their own decisions

What we value