GBV Reflections

South Africa has some of the highest levels of gender-based violence in the world. The numbers tell us that men are more often than not the perpetrators, and women the victims: 46.6% of women report they have experienced some form of abuse from an intimate partner in their lifetime, and a women is killed every six hours in SA.

With this in mind, CareZA wanted to highlight Women’s Month by talking about GBV as a men’s issue. This film shows that men don’t become abusive overnight, this behaviour is learned from a young age. And therein lies the potential solution – teach our boys to be kind and to respect girls as equals, and we can help stop the violence against women. This will take a collective effort from society, but it is also up to men to look deep within themselves and to help end the cycle of abuse and disrespect. Speak out against sexist behaviour whether at your workplace or in conversation with friends. And report domestic abuse. Kwanele Madoda Kwanele. Enough is enough.

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