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Say No To Xenophobia

Do you want to take action? Use the FREE illustration toolkit on social media to have conversations with your friends, family and other online users about difficult topics like countering mis- and disinformation that are stoking xenophobia and anti-foreigner sentiments and narratives in South Africa. If you want to see positive change, speak out against xenophobic attitudes online and in your community. You have the power to become a change maker and end this!


The heart of dialogue facilitation is to encourage conversations online. Too often, conversations between online users are defensive and argumentative in nature. Dialogue aims to promote engagement between individuals and to make people feel understood and heard so that they can reflect on their beliefs. These dialogue facilitation designs are unbranded and are created to blend in naturally with the conversations that social media users are having online. They use colloquial language, slang and unpolished designs to encourage interaction. We’ve found that this promotes engagement and self-reflection rather than coming across as an organisation who has all the answers.


Use the toolkit to speak to others in a way you think they can better understand. Let’s stop the silence and end the violence, one South African at a time.


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