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The Challenge

What happens on public social media and in reality appear to be worlds apart. Conversations on social media contribute in constructive ways to the issues that affect our lives every day. It highlights peoples’ fears and aspirations, their wishes and desires, their anger and distrust. More importantly it tracks the social issues that have the potential to divide us, cause social upheaval and undermine South African society. 

This report keeps track of these issues on social media and summarises the trending, highest impact, and most active themes and their narratives on public social media. 

The CABC’s team of data analysts use online tools to track conversations daily on social media, and analyse the rich and useful data. 

Project Objective

The Analysis of social media conversations support CABC projects to conduct their work. Current projects include countering xenophobia, digital narrative manipulation and countering misogyny.

An edited version of the report is published in mainstream media and available to the public, civil society organisations, government and other institutions who track issues of social cohesion in South Africa.

Published Reports