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Welcome Citizen Activist

If you want to help make South Africa a better, more positive place, then you’re in the right place!

There is so much mis-and-disinformation out there, so CareZA aims to keep you up to date with the latest fact-checked news and information from credible sources, so you can start healthy, open conversations with your community.

Don’t stay in the dark! CareZA will bring to light important issues like xenophobia, hate speech and fake news; corruption; gender-based violence; Covid-19; environmental issues and more.


Ronald will make you look, and think, twice.

Pete is just an ordinary guy who gets his news and information from social media.

In this mockumentary, we meet Pete and his new-found friend Ronald, who Pete met online. Thing is Pete doesn’t realise Ronald is actually a bot.

It might seem obvious to us, but in a digital landscape where bot accounts on Facebook and Twitter appear as human as anyone, it’s not that hard to be fooled. And sadly, Pete doesn’t realise that he’s being duped by a bot into thinking the information he’s getting is factual and accurate.

About Us

CareZA is a non-partisan, public service platform for concerned citizens who care about serious issues affecting our society and want to DO something positive to help.

CareZA’s purpose is to provide constructive information, insights and evidence-based research for citizen activists like you, to help combat the spread of fake news and hate speech.

As a citizen activist, you commit to sharing positive and useful messaging on your social media channels, promoting healthy dialogue with your followers and communities around topical issues.

Ultimately CareZA is your platform to help open minds, promote understanding and create a culture of interconnectedness in South Africa, during the Corona Covid-19 crisis and beyond.


Join Us

Become part of a community of citizen activists. We may have different political views or cultural beliefs, but we listen to, and respect each other’s opinions. We work together to stop dishonesty, disinformation and hate speech online.

We believe it’s important to have honest conversations around issues such as race, gender, immigration and economic inequality, and we try to understand these issues from all sides.

Engage with us, learn with us and grow with us.

So, be an active citizen and have your say!

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Contact Us

Send us a message on our Facebook page or email and let’s make change happen together.