24 Hour Trend Report “The Daily Dose”

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Challenge & Objectives

With the world suddenly plunged into the grip of a pandemic and the fertile ground that this created online for the spread of misinformation that could lead to serious social consequences, the CABC’s team of data analysts used various tools to track conversations daily on social media, and analyse the rich and useful data to monitor if there was any polarising, divisive rhetoric and narratives that could threaten our society and the response to the pandemic in South Africa.

The Results

We published a report every week day from April through to August 2020 that contained a summary of the trending, highest impact, and most active themes and their narratives. The report focuses on issues of social cohesion and division in South African social media conversations. All the data and conversion is available publicly on social media platforms.

These reports were published on South African media platforms such as The Daily Maverick.

Published Reports