Caolan Robertson – Part 1 of 3. farmlands – The Making of a Misleading ‘Documentary’ | CABC Podcast

Caolan Robertson (pronounced “kay-lin) was one of the central figures in making right-wing politics mainstream, he worked with people like Tommy Robinson and helped them move from ‘fringe’ to mainstream political commentators. Caolan has since distanced himself from right-wing politics and is now working for ByLine Times. He now works to undo the work he did before. Caolan is going to be interviewed in a feature piece in the New York Times in the next few months. This interview that Caolan did exclusively with the CABC is one of his first public appearances since leaving the right-wing political media space. Lauren Southern’s 2018 documentary ‘Farmlands’ is the most-watched documentary on the white-genocide narrative in South Africa. Caolan Robertson, and his partner George Llewelyn-John, produced, wrote and filmed Farmlands (and Borderless) with Lauren Southern. In this episode Caolan explains how Farmlands was filmed, and the ideas behind the documentary. Caolan discusses his discomfort with the film and the fact that even though they knew during filming that there was no white genocide taking place in South Africa, that argument runs throughout the film.

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