MEDIA RELEASE CABC’s GBV Reflections Film is Loeries Bronze Winner!

MEDIA RELEASE CABC’s GBV Reflections Film is Loeries Bronze Winner!

Centre for Analytics and Behavioural Change (CABC)

CABC’s GBV Reflections Film is Loeries Bronze Winner!


The CABC’s CAREZA – “Reflections” Gender Based Violence film has been announced as a Bronze Winner in the Online Film – above 30s category.  The Reflections film is a Centre for Analytics and Behavioural Change (CABC) collaboration between Iron-Heart Agency and Patriot Films.

Day One of the 2021 Loeries Creative Week commenced in Cape Town on 20 October with hundreds of creative minds from across Africa and the Middle East. The events on Day One kicked-off three days of recognising and rewarding the creative excellence found within the region. #Loeries21 #fightthegoodfight.

The CABC is a non-profit organisation established to track and counter mis- and disinformation, fake news and divisive online rhetoric that undermines social cohesion and democratic integrity.

CABC Executive Director,  Dr. Camaren Peter said the entire team was honoured by the recognition for its work.

“We welcome this professional recognition of our work and the attention it brings to the need to work with men to help bring about a shift in misogyny and gender based violence in South African society. We are dedicated to the cause of leveraging social media for social good, helping shift society towards the values and norms that we aspire to in our constitution. Awards such as these help make our case that we can make powerful work with limited resources by investing in creativity and new innovative approaches as civil society.”

After detecting an outrageous increase in GBV during South Africa’s first lockdown, the CABC set out to change the conversation under its CareZA Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign. South Africa has one of the highest levels of gender-based violence in the world, with intimate partners being the most common perpetrators.

A short film was produced to break the cycle of violence by driving the message that young boys who experience violence often grow into abusive men.  The film features a young boy pleading with someone – who is later revealed to be his older, abusive self. The 90-second film shows how violence can become normalised from a young age.

The short clip “Reflections” can be viewed on CareZA’s website and YouTube pages.. CareZA also has a website with links to resources to help both men and women affected by domestic violence:

The “Reflections” film and Public Service Announcement (PSA) were supported by DSTVSABCTrace TV and translated into multiple languages using Provantage Media outdoor Transit Ads.

The CABC continues to thank all broadcast and outdoor media groups for their valuable support.



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